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Конспект урока по английскому языку по теме " Incredible buildings in the world"

Класс: 5

Предмет: английскийязык

Тема:Incredible buildings in the world.

Тип урока: урок- закрепление лексических и грамматических единиц по теме «Дома»

Цель: Освоение лексических единиц в речевой деятельности с применением ИКТ.



— освоение лексики и грамматики по темам «My home», «Rooms», «Furniture»в монологической речи.

2. развивающие:

— развитие монологической речи.


-воспитывать семейные ценности

Оборудование:компьютер; проектор; интерактивная доска.

Форма организации: групповая; индивидуальная; фронтальная.


Содержание урока





III этап Рефлексивно –оценочный.

Teacher: -Good morning boys and girls! I am very glad to see you. Good morning dear colleagues. Welcome to our lesson. Are you ready to the lesson? How are you? Are you o.k.? I hope that you are fine today.

Teacher: — What is your mood Alina ?

P1: I'm good, because…

P2 I'm so-so, because…

Teacher: I see, you are all ok. At first write down the date. What date is it today? What is the weather like today?

And now let's do some phonetic exercises.Slide1

It's very good. We usually begin our lesson with some pieces of information. We call them «news»

-What news have you got children?

— Have you got any news?

P1: — Yes, we have….

P2: -No, we have not…

P3:- I have got some news.

Teacher: -Oh, it's very nice. Is it big? How many rooms are there? List them, please. Good for you!

-Children, what kinds of room do you know?

P1: a living room

P2: a kitchen

Teacher:- Look at the whiteboard. What room is it?

P1: It is a bathroom.

P2: It is a hall.

Teacher: — I have got some news for you too. Yesterday I sent a letter on my e-mail from one girl. Would you like to read. Well, look at the white board.

Jane's letter.( слайд)

Teacher: Children, can you help her? But at first let's watch her photos.

Presentation of the houses:

-Slide 1 .The houses in Great Britain

-Slide2. The houses in America

-slide3. The houses in Japan

-slide4.The houses in Australia?

— slide5. The houses in Africa

-slide 6.The houses in China.

Teacher: — What material is it made of?

— How many rooms are there?

  • --How many floors has it?
  • -Who lives in it?

Children: — It is made of…

-There are …

-It has…

Teacher: -Let's work in group. The first group describe this room. Use there is… there are…

The second group describe this building. I give you 3 m.

Teacher: -Children, what is the topic of our lesson?

Teacher: -Do you like these houses? There are many types of houses, aren't there? Do you like your houses? Yes we must love our homes. The house is a place where people live, where our family live, where we sleep and eat.

Teacher laugh o you remember that Jane wants to know about the houses in our country. Can you help her? Now let's seat at the computers.

The 1 group- Find the Incredible buildings and houses in our country. Describe them.

The2 group-Find the incredible buildings and houses in our region.

Teacher: Use all materials which you learnt at the last lessons.

Teacher: -Are you ready? Yes, now let's begin. The first group your presentation. Good for you! Now, the second group your presentation. Very good!

Teacher: You are work very hard today. What did you know today?

Now, look at the slide. What building is it? Yes, it is our school. Whose home is it? Yes, it is our second home. Can you describe it?

-o'k.Write down your home task: Describe your own house.Thank you for the lesson. The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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Ответы детей.

Повторение слов со слайдов.

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