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Урок-путешествие в англо-говорящую страну в 7классе

Разработка урока в 7классе по теме «Путешествия»


Создать условия благоприятной мотивации учащихся к обобщению и практическому применению знаний по теме «Путешествие в англоязычную страну»


1.Совершенствовать лексические навыки по темам: «Англо-говорящие страны».

2.Совершенствовать коммуникативные навыки обучающихся

3. Совершенствовать навыки письма, навыки проектной работы


Т: Good morning! I am glad to see you. Today at the lesson we'll talk abouttravelling. I think everybody likes to travel. What about you? Do you like travelling? What country would you like to travel?

Some days ago I've got a letter from the tour agency. It invites you to visit one of the English-speaking countries. You musthave some information about these countries before you'll make your choice. When we think about travelling what about can we talk? Look at the blackboard. Connect the parts of the words.










There are words that are connected with travelling.

Now we'll watch some presentations. During our exciting and unusual tourwe are goingto see the sights of the countries and learn some new information about them. I wish you good luck!

There are two groups. While watching the presentations you must write down as muchinformation as you can. Then you'llmake some tasks in your papers: fill in these tables with the information about countries.




is famous for

main cities

national holidays



T: Now work in your groups. Choose your country.One of you will write a letter to the tour agency about your choice.


Dear tour agency

Thank you for your letter. Wewill go to__________. Because we know much about this country. The population is ________. It is famous for____________________________________________________________. The main cities are_____________________________________________________. We'd like to see______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________._________________. We are going to visit________________________________________________.During our tour we are going to ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. ______________________________________________________________.We are going to travel by _________ (plane, train, ship) because it's the most ______________(comfortable, fastest, safest) transport.

Your 7b

And some of you will create an advertisement about your country and write Cinquains.

T:It brings us to the end. Now show your adverts. I hope today at the lesson you have leant new information and enjoyed your work. Thank you for your work. Have a nice day. Good bye.

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